Mr. Payson’s Fourth Grade Class

Hello and welcome to another great year at TCS, Tunbridge Tigers!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing summer.  We’re going to be having lots of fun in Fourth Grade this year!

Some important facts about your 4th Grade Teacher:  I have a big furry dog named Abby. I have two sons, one in Fifth Grade at Thetford Elementary School and one in Seventh Grade at Thetford Academy.  My lovely wife is from England. I used to work at MTV: Music Television in New York City, and I lived in London, England, for 10 years. I love to hike and ski and play the piano, and I am very talented at peeling stickers off of things.  I’m really looking forward to working with all of you!

Don’t worry about getting a lot of stuff together before school starts.  I will make sure we have everything we need. But if you like, there are two things you might want to get…


I would like everyone to have their own set of headphones. (Over-ears are better than ear buds.)  The super-cheap kind you can get in Dollar General will be fine… unless your child would benefit from noise-reducing headphones. These can be pricey, but here’s a link to Amazon where Sony noise-reducing headphones can be had for less than $30. Sony-MDRZX110NC-Noise-Cancelling-Headphones 

Please don’t fret if you can’t get hold of headphones, I will make sure we have enough for everyone.

Pencil Box

Everyone will want their own pencil box.  Here’s a list of handy things you might want to put in it… 

Several  pencils

A couple of erasers

Several ball point pens (either black or blue)

A set of colored pencils

A set of thin colored markers

Highlighting markers (pink or yellow)

A couple of glue sticks

A pair of scissors

Small pencil sharpener

Again, this is an optional list.  Please don’t worry if you have trouble getting anything, I’ll make sure we have enough of everything.  Later on in the year, students may want to bring in a pair of boots to keep in their locker, because it gets muddy out in the playground!

Important Info

4th Grade Writing Standards

Fourth Grade Book Ticket

Fourth Grade Book Storyboard

Cool Articles

Boston Molasses Flood

Useful Files  (click on text to print):

Homework Expectations

By far, the most important homework in 4th Grade is independent reading.  Students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week (but more is great, of course!).  A parent or guardian is asked to initial next to completed daily reading in each student’s Weekly Record Book (provided by Mr. Payson).  Students are also expected to keep a Reading Journal made up of individual Book Tickets or Book Storyboards.  A Book Ticket is a summary of what they are reading every two weeks (or when they finish reading a book, whichever comes first).  If a book takes longer than two weeks to read, then students will summarize up to the point they’ve read.  Writing Book Tickets can take place either at home or at school during class time (as long as the student brings the book in to school).   There will usually be a page of daily math homework, and sometimes projects (such as science) that will require some home study.  In general, students should not expect to spend more than 30-35 minutes on homework on a given day, reading included.

Parent Volunteers

I would love to have help from parents, whether they would like to come into the class and talk about something that interests them (their work, personal and local history), or volunteer to help out in science labs, or accompany us on school trips!  If you are interested, would you please see Mrs. Vesper in the office and fill out a Vermont Record Check Release Form for Volunteering 2018-2019.  (Unfortunately, these annoying forms must be completed anew every year.)  Thanks for your consideration.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if I can be of any help.  My email address is