Mr. Payson’s Fourth Grade Class

Congratulations to the talented thespians of Tunbridge Central School’s Fifth and Fourth Grade for their hilarious production of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”!   The performance at Northern Stage’s fancy Barrett Theatre was a smash success.  Special thanks to all our stupendous students and patient parents for working so hard to memorize all those Elizabethan English lines!

“Go shake your ears!”  — Sir Toby Belch

Important Info


12th Night TUNBRIDGE Calendar

Montshire Overnight Permission Form 2019

Montshire Camp-In Information Sheets

4th Grade Weekly Timetable March 2019

4th Grade Writing Standards

Fourth Grade Book Ticket

Fourth Grade Book Storyboard

Cool Articles

Hippo Poop

Boston Molasses Flood

Useful Files  (click on text to print):

4th grade Spelling List 5-22-19

4th grade Spelling List 5-15-19

4th grade Spelling List 5-8-19

4th grade Spelling List 5-1-19

4th grade Spelling List 4-24-19

4th grade Spelling List 4-10-19

4th grade Spelling List 4-3-19

4th grade Spelling List 3-27-19

4th grade Spelling List 3-20-19

4th grade Spelling List 3-14-19

4th grade Spelling List 3-8-19

4th grade Spelling List 2-20-19

4th Grade Spelling List 2-13-19

4th Grade Spelling List 2-6-19

4th Grade Spelling List 1-30-19

4th Grade Spelling List 1-23-19

4th Grade Spelling List 1-17-19

4th Grade Spelling List 1-7-19

4th Grade Spelling List 12-13-18

4th Grade Spelling List 12-6-18


4th grade Spelling List 11-15-18

4th grade Spelling List 11-7-18

TCS Halloween

4th grade Spelling List 10-31-18

4th grade Spelling List 10-24-18

4th Grade Spelling List 10-17-18

4th Grade Spelling List 10-10-18

4th Grade Parent-Teacher Meetings, 11-12-18

4th Grade Class Charter

Homework Expectations

By far, the most important homework in 4th Grade is independent reading.  Students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes a day, five days a week (but more is great, of course!).  Students are also expected to keep a Reading Journal made up of individual Book Tickets or Book Storyboards.  A Book Ticket is a summary of what they are reading every two weeks (or when they finish reading a book, whichever comes first).  If a book takes longer than two weeks to read, then students will summarize up to the point they’ve read.   There will usually be a page of daily math homework, and sometimes projects (such as science) that will require some home study.  In general, students should not expect to spend more than 30-40 minutes on homework on a given day, reading included.

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